Nick Millions of years ago, before the existence of the universe, there was nothing but an energy, an energy named Xona. this energy created two atoms and smashed them against each other to bring around the universe. The remaining energy created two life forms by the names of Adam and Eve, and all the reincarnations have got this energy. In modern day, the energy has gone to Thomas Johnson and Sarah Demichi, two humans who are secretly in love with each other. When they find out about eachother's feelings, they sharea kiss in front of all their friends, pressing their energy against eachother recreating the atom effect, and it sends them to the parallel world

They arrive all over the place.When Tom wakes up, he meets Angus, a mad scottich person, who uses his Xona deck to help Tom find his friends. Tom finds out that Xona cards are used to settle arguements and everything over there. After getting his friends, only Sarah remains. But a mysterious man has already found her.

The mysterious man is Nick, who turns out to be the king of the world. Rumors start going around that the Phantom Beast has returned. Nick finds out and thinks he is too weak to fend off an attack from it, so he conducts an experiment to gain muscle growth. However, during the experiment the Phantom Beast attacks and infects Nick. The Phantom Beast has an ability to infect people with evil, but only for a short period of time. The experiment however keeps him infected. Nick then uses a mind control device to take control of the beast, and uses it's Negative Energy to make his cards more powerful. He then finds out where Tom and the others came from, and thinks he can take over his world.

Now, Tom and friends have got to put a stop to Nick and his evil plan.