Sarah Demichi is the main female character in the Xona Series. He is Thomas Johnson girlfriend, and the modern day reincarnation of Eve. When the 6 friends reach the parallel world, they are split up and Sarah is found by Nick.

Sarah Demichi
Age 12
Decktype Fairy
Signiature Card Stardust Fairy
Relatives Mother
Voice (None yet)

Deck Edit

Sarah uses a deck of different Fairy cards. Her favourite is Stardust Fairy, as she does not get it normally, she befriends it.

His decklist so far follows as:

Stardust Fairy
4-Winged Wonder
Angel Lord
Infinity Lord - Heavenly Master

Stardust Box

Stardust Boost

Relationships Edit

Sarah Demichi's biggest relationship so far in the series was with Thomas Johnson. She does have a mother, but no father.