Tom, Ben and Jack are leaning on the wall of the playground.

JACK: And then you link the blue wire to the green wire, then you shall have a full connection.

BEN: Hey Jack, tell me how you know that.

TOM: Hey guys, the girls are coming.

Sarah, Jane and Ivy walk past talking.

JACK: Hey, Tom, why do you always point them out when they come near us?

BEN: Because someone has a little crush.

TOM: No, I do it beca…

JACK: OOH! OOH! OOH! Tell us which one!!!

TOM: Ok then.

JACK and BEN: Huh?

TOM: It is…

Jack and Ben lean forward smiling, eager to hear.

TOM: Nobody!

Jack and Ben sigh.

BEN: Love always starts as a secret.

Tom gets angry. He starts yelling at Jack and Ben

JANE: Tom’s in a mood again.

IVY: Like always.

SARAH: Hey, girls.

JANE: Yeh.

SARAH: I’m just gonna’ calm him down.

Sarah jogs over.

IVY: Someone’s in love.

Sarah jogs to Tom.

SARAH: Hey Tom what’s wrong?

Tom stops yelling and plays it cool.

TOM: Nothing I’m Ok! (Quickly).

SARAH: Um ok then.

Jogs away.

JACK: Ooooh! I think it’s Sarah!

TOM: Hey guys come here.

Tom leans over.

TOM: To tell the truth, I love Sarah.


TOM: Now that you know…

Quickly gets on knees with his hands in front of him closed.


BEN: Ok, but only because you’re our best friend.